white doves for weddings | dove release Manchester
white doves for weddings | dove release Manchester

Wedding options

Prices start from £200.00

Option 1

Two doves are released by the bride and groom. The doves will be in a beautifully decorated white, heart shaped basket on an ornate stand, and will be released following the wedding ceremony.



Option 2

Two doves are released by the bride and groom, plus a choice of two display cages containing our white fantailed doves. The display cages provide a fantastic backdrop for photographs inside or    outside your venue.



Option 3

Family dove release. Two baskets of five doves. Ten doves in total.

In addition to option 2,

a spectacular flock of doves circling above is an amazing sight for you and your guests. Two baskets of doves are released, usually by members of each family, symbolising two families joining as one. They will join the two marriage doves in the sky before flying home together as a large flock, symbolising the joining of the two families and supporting the bride and groom through their married life.



Memory Dove

Sometimes a special occasion such as a wedding is also a time when we miss loved ones no longer with us, and releasing a Memory Dove in their name is a beautiful way to pay

tribute to, and remember them on your special day.

The single dove can be released by hand or from a small heart shaped basket



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