white doves funerals | funeral doves  | Dove release funeral
white doves funerals | funeral doves  | Dove release funeral

Funerals and Memorials

"Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest"

Psalm 55:6



Symbolising love, peace, hope and faith, releasing doves at a funeral can help you to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away, and bring comfort at a difficult time.

The doves can be released at a cemetery, crematorium, your home or other relevant location. A poem can be read before the release - please enquire for further details.

Dove release packages

Individual Spirit Dove       

from £95.00

A single dove is released from a basket or by hand, to symbolise the soul of the departed on their final journey to heaven.

Reunited Pair   

  from £110.00

A single dove representing the spirit of the deceased is released, either by hand or from a basket. A second dove is released, which represents the previously deceased’s departed spirit. The two doves will meet up and fly home together, symbolising the couple being reunited for ever.


Holy Trinity      

from £130.00

Four Doves are released in total. Three doves are released, representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  the fourth dove, representing the departed’s spirit, is then released to join them, either by hand or from a separate basket.

On The Wings Of Angels     

from £170.00

Seven Doves are released in total. Six doves representing angels from heaven are released from baskets. A seventh dove, representing the soul of the departed, is then released by hand to join them on the final journey to heaven.

Celebration Of Life

from £230.00

Ten doves are released and two display cages containing a white dove add a special touch to the service.

This option is often chosen to celebrate the life of a special person who has been of great influence on the family, and has left a legacy of happiness and love.

The display cages can be placed at the entrance to the church, chapel or crematorium forming a “Guard of Honour” as the coffin is taken inside, then being placed outside next to the baskets ready for the release following the service.

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